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Understanding the Value of Genuine Printer Supplies

Last Updated: 4/1/2014

Before purchasing supplies, buyers would do well to remember the words of Warren Buffett, a man who knows a little about buying smartly: price is what you pay. Value is what you get." The point is simple: it's not the initial purchase price that ultimately matters, but rather the value delivered by the purchase. This is particularly true when it comes to printer supplies.

Genuine printer supplies are designed by OEM engineers and qualified with the printer itself as part of the research and product development process. They are developed to precise specifications, so that they perform with the printer at a consistently high level, time and time again.

Only genuine supplies:

  • Are engineered in conjunction with the printer for superior quality, performance, and reliability.
  • Fully protect your hardware investment.
  • Keep warranties beyond reproach.
  • Benefit from an OEM's years of operational experience in the market, and with specific applications.
  • Mitigate risk of downtime due to printer failure.
  • Genuine supplies typically bear the imprint or endorsement of the OEM clearly on the packaging. Consulting the OEM or a recognized OEM channel partner is a sure way of verifying whether the supply you have in hand is genuine.

    Beware the Alternatives
    Aftermarket supplies are part of a legitimate industry that competes with genuine OEM suppliers. They are often marketed as compatible," but are never endorsed by the OEM. Aftermarket products cause build-up on original equipment," says Ann Iten, senior product manager for printing supplies at Datamax-O'Neil. For example, aftermarket thermotransfer ribbons will build up ink onto the printheads of thermal printers, and cut short the life of the printhead. So you're saved a few pennies up front on the supply and ended up purchasing hardware parts as a result."

    More insidious and rapidly growing alternatives" are counterfeit supplies: those designed to appear as if they were genuine, but are not. They are trying to trade off the brand equity of the OEM, illegally, and in doing so undermine the brand they are trying to leverage. Counterfeit supplies may result in poor printer performance, low yields, inferior print quality, high failure rates, greater energy consumption, and increased equipment downtime.

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