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Lease Program

Overview provides a wide array of leasing options through our financial partners. We can provide financing to virtually all companies, including "start ups" and SOHO's (small office home office).Leasing can provide your organization with a solution to get the right technology, and the right financing options, right away. Extended Service Plans can be included in your lease for a few dollars per month and add the peace of mind that critical business systems are supported. For more information, please call us at (714)922-1140.

Why Lease?

Leasing Preserves your Capital. A minimal down payment is all that is required. This allows you to utilize your money for more important requirements like buying inventory, paying rent and salaries, and all the other costs of doing business.

Leasing Protects Your Bank Credit Lines. Leasing gives you access to capital that can be used for generation profit or short term cash flow emergencies.

Leasing Improves your Cash Flow. From the inception of the lease, you know exactly what the equipment will cost each month. Additionally, that cost remains the same for the term of the lease.

Leasing Allows Maximum Tax Benefits. Leases can allow the lessee to expense each payment as an operating expense or take advantage of depreciation.

20 Reasons To Lease Equipment
Use of Equipment Leasing Is the Use of an Asset - Leasing enables you to pay as you use.
Fixed Payments - Monthly payments on a lease are generally fixed for the entire term of the lease.
Longer Terms - In lease arrangements, the term can be as long as 60 months and in some cases even longer.
Protection From Obsolescence - Leasing lets you match the term to what you perceive to be the equipment's useful life.
No Down Payment - No down payment is required on a lease.
100 Percent Financing - A lease transaction allows you to finance the total package.
Additional Lines of Credit - When equipment is leased, a business establishes an additional line of credit with its lessor.
Purchase/Renewal Options - Most lease arrangements allow customers the option to purchase at a state amount or at fair market value, or to renew the lease at a reduced monthly payment.
Use Lessor for Other Equipment Needs - If you have thegood fortune of selecting a full-service lessor, all your equipment (from photocopies to forklift) can be handled by someone with whom you have already developed a business relationship.
Conservation of Capital - If you are in a business where you have important alternative uses for money on hand, leasing always wins out in the "lease vs. buy" analysis.
Easier Cash Flow Forecasting - Leasing helps equipment users fit a monthly payment into their budgets. Because payments are fixed, users can continue to intelligently budget into the future.
Ability to Work Within Budget Limitations - Many managers acquire equipment via leasing because it allows them work within the operating budget.
Tax Benefits - Lessees can usually deduct their monthly lease payments as operating expenses. Nevertheless, it's always best to talk to your tax accountant first.
Special Programs - Marketing and pricing programs can be customized to reflect the financing needs of specific industries.
Master Lease - A Master Lease is an agreement between the lessee and lessor as to the terms and conditions under which they will do business.
Establish Credit - Leasing helps new and existing business to establish term credit through fixed monthly payments over time.
Flexibility - Leasing provides a lessee with greater structuring flexibility.
Simpler Than Bank Loans - Leasing programs and procedures are designed to take the red tape out of financing capital equipment for business.
Special Advantages for Municipalities - Some leasing companies have municipal lease programs that pass on benefits to the lessee in the form of reduced monthly payments.
Respond to New Business Opportunities - Profits generated from the productivity of the equipment are usually greater than the lease payment.
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