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HID 204 iCLASS Wiegand Cards

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The HID iCLASS series is a staple in the access security industry, but what if you already have existing Wiegand technology in place on site? Enter the HID iCLASS Wiegand 204x series, which offers both of these technologies on one compact card.

With a number of different options to choose from regarding card type and customization the 13.56 MHz HID contactless iCLASS 204 x range, with integrated Wiegand technology, is a very versatile choice. Further options allow the addition of magnetic stripes, bar codes, and anti-counterfeiting features. Additionally, the HID iCLASS 204x card can be customized with artwork, photos and logos. Photo identification can also be printed directly on these smart cards for further credential verification.

Like other HID iCLASS cards, the 204x series comes in five different memory configurations to suit your needs and budget. The 2040 is 2k-bit. The 2041 and 2042 are 16k-bit. The 2043 and 2044 are 32-bit. Each has a different memory arrangement (e.g. number of application areas), so youre sure to find the perfect card for your needs at the right price point.

Companies have found that apart from access control, cashless vending, public transportation, airline ticketing and customer loyalty programs are also beneficial ways of maximizing the usability of the HID iCLASS Wiegand 204x series of cards. Other effective uses are for network log-on security, attendance and even biometric verification. Made from sturdy PVC and offering a 10 year data retention, the 204x card is built to last.

Organizations that use the HID iCLASS 204x series of smart cards are significantly more secure in their physical locations, and their digital data is more protected than it ever was before. HID Global is one of the most trusted names in the industry, so consider the HID iCLASS 204x when considering your next generation of security improvements, particularly if Wiegand technology is a priority.