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Datacard SP25 Plus Color Ribbons

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Genuine Datacard Color Ribbons for the SP25 Plus ID Card Printer from an Authorized Datacard Reseller.

ID card printers typically use ribbons that are made up of different panels for printing colors and providing other functions. Panels are typically identified by a letter or two with the most common dye sublimation panels being:

  • Y = Yellow dye sublimation panel
  • M = Magenta dye sublimation panel
  • C = Cyan dye sublimation panel
  • K = Black resin panel (K = Key = Black)
  • O = Overlay panel
The YMC (Yellow, Magento and Cyan) panels are used together for full-color printing and composite black text. For crisp, black text (e.g. for printing barcodes), then a ribbon with a Black resin (K) panel can be used.Other common panels are
  • O = Overlay (aka Overcoat) panel for providing a protective finish for added card protection
  • T = Topcoat (same as an Overlay panel)
  • Uv = Ultraviolet panel for printing text and graphics that can only be seen under an ultra-violet light
  • I = Inhibitor panel for restricting where text and graphics can be printed

Another type of ribbon is a "Half-Panel Color Ribbon" where the Yellow, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan panels are half the size of the regular panels but the other panels are full-sized panels (e.g. a "ymcKO" ribbon). These ribbons can provide cost-savings where color is only required on up to half the card with black available for any part of the card).

As an Authorized Datacard Reseller, we only advertise MSRP (List Price) on Datacard SP25 Plus Color Ribbons as part of their MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy. To get the actual price of an item, please call one of our product specialists at (714)922-1140.

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Datacard GO Green Full Color YMCKT 5 Panel Ribbon Kit Graphic
Datacard GO Green YMCKT 5-Panel Full Color Ribbon Kit (125 Images/Roll). For use with Datacard SP25 and SP25 Plus ID Card Printers.

A Datacard YMCKT ribbon is the same as a YMCK ribbon but has an additional T topcoat panel. This topcoat panel is used to provide an added layer of protection by adding a thin, clear protective overlay which helps protect the card from fading and normal wear and tear.

The 5 panels of a YMCKT ribbon correspond to (Y=Yellow, M=Magenta, C=Cyan, K=Black, T=Topcoat) and is used for single-sided card printing.