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HID  HID Access Control (Proximity) Cards

Finding a source for HID proximity cards is easy. Finding a source that can encode and deliver efficiently is much harder. At IDcardPrinterSavings, we know that you depend on us to provide quality service and prompt response times, so we strive to have your order completed as quickly as possible. The most commonly used proximity cards are in stock which means that cards that need to be encoded can be shipped in just a few days.

To receive a free quote or to place an order, please fill out the HID Order Form. Fax the completed form to (714)532-4234. For assistance call (714) 922-1140.

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Card Handling Guide | Proximity Cards and Readers How to Order Guide | HID Proximity Readers

Available HID Device Types:
HID ProxCard IIHID 1326 ProxCard II (26-bit) - The most affordable card from HID and the long-standing industry choice for proximity access control. The ProxCard II card is approximately the size of a standard credit card and is thin and flexible enough to be carried in a wallet or on a strap clip.  Print to an adhesive backed PVC card and attach it to the ProxCard II in order to combine your identification card with your proximity card.Order Form /Spec Sheet.
HID DuoProx II CardsHID 1336 DuoProx II Card (26-bit) - This card provides a solution for companies desiring to use one card incorporating proximity, magnetic stripe and photo identification technologies for multiple applications. Order Form / Spec Sheet.
HID ProxKey III Key FobsHID 1346 ProxKey II Keyfob (26-bit) - The ProxKey II Proximity Keyfob incorporates proximity technology into a device approximately the size of an automotive key for convenient entry.  Includes an external number for easy identification and control and supports formats up to 85 bits. Order Form / Spec Sheet.
HID ProxPass II Active TagHID 1351 ProxPass II Active Tag - The 1351 ProxPass II is an active tag specifically designed for vehicle access control. Providing convenient access control for parking and fleet management applications, ProxPass II is an ideal augmentation to an existing or new HID proximity installation. The ProxPass II can be encoded with any HID format and numbering system used by HID proximity cards, including the Corporate 1000 format.Order Form / Spec Sheet.
HID ISOProx II CardsHID 1386 ISOProx II Card (26-bit) - One of the most popular cards available from HID, the ISOProx II allows you to print identification information on the same card that you use for access control, eliminating the need to have two cards for your employees. Order Form / Spec Sheet.
HID MicroProx TagsHID 1391 MicroProx Tag (26-bit) - Provides proximity technology in a small disk transponder. The adhesive backed tag can be attached to any non-metallic card or device providing instant proximity. Order Form / Spec Sheet.
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Major Technologies/Products

13.56 MHz Contactless Technology
Experience in developing card technologies puts HID Global in a unique position to play a critical role in the evolution and adoption of smart card technology. HID's market-leading, flexible, high-frequency product lines demonstrate the company's commitment to support 13.56 MHz technologies. Our open architecture offerings make up the industry's broadest range of open standard contactless smart card products, available from over 40,000 resellers worldwide.

  • iCLASS® - Optimized to make physical access control more powerful, iCLASS 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology provides versatile interoperability and is used in diverse applications including access control, network log-on security, biometrics, cashless payment, handheld/mobile/wireless applications, logical access, time and attendance and more

  • FlexSmart® MIFARE and DESFire - The interoperable, ISO 14443A-compliant FlexSmart family of contactless smart card products provides customers a totally flexible platform--from the simplicity and security of HID Format MIFARE readers to completely customizable (keys and format) secure MIFARE and DESFire reader solutions. Keypad reader models (for high traffic use) and a wide variety of credentials (including cards, tags and keyfobs) are also available.

  • Integrated Engineering -Integrated Engineering provides responsive manufacturing capacity for tailor-made MIFARE and DESFire solutions and custom13.56 MHz technology products.

125 kHz Proximity Technology
Built from HID Prox, the market leader in contactless cards and readers for access control. Our global reputation for delivering quality, value, partnership, and service excellence to our customers is unsurpassed in the security industry.

  • HID Prox--For security managers, dealers, integrators and OEMs, HID proximity cards and readers are recognized as the industry standard for physical access control. HID Prox products are robust, affordable and seamlessly integrate with access control systems.

  • Indala Prox--Featuring FlexSecur® security coding, the high-quality Indala line of 125 kHz Proximity readers combines intelligent programming technology with interchangeable components including uniform modules and a range of stylish cover designs. 

Multiple Technology-- Designed for customers who are upgrading their current card system from HID Prox to HID iCLASS credentials or cards, the customer has the ability to transition to contactless smart cards over time while incorporating the use of multiple card technologies within a single building or across multiple facilities.

  • multiCLASS™ -- The multiCLASS™ multi-technology card reader combines Prox 125 kHz proximity and iCLASS® 13.56 MHz contactless smart card and reader technologies into a single reader. Also reads MIFARE, DESFire, FIPS201 and Felica CSN formats.

Identity Solutions
HID Identity is a highly focused expertise group with unique skills and abilities to help dealers and integrators provide end-to-end solutions for the deployment of contact and contactless smart card-based secure identity credentials.

  • Asure ID®-- The award-winning Asure ID photo identification software line, featuring the iDIRECTORTM technology platform, allows multiple applications to be loaded onto a smart card via a single, seamless process, making it easier for end- users to deploy multi-card applications in an enterprise environment.
  • Fargo Electronics-- Fargo Card Identity Systems enable systems with smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards and photo ID badges. Fargo ID card printers, software, systems and materials.