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HID multiCLASS SE Smart Card Readers

multiCLASS SIO-Enabled (multiCLASS SE) readers are part of HID Global's next generation access control platform and open ecosystem based on Secure Identity Object (SIO), a new portable credential methodology from HID, and HID's Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) architecture for advanced applications, mobility and heightened security.

multiCLASS SE 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology enables a new class of portable identity credentials that can be securely provisioned and safely embedded into both fixed and mobile devices. The technology ensures data authenticity and privacy through the multi-layered security:

  • Powerfully Secure - Provides multi-layered security beyond the card technology, providing added protection to identity data using SIOs.
  • Technology-independent - Supports multiple technologies (iCLASS Seos and iCLASS SE credential platforms, standard iCLASS, MIFARE, and MIFARE DESFire EV1).
  • Adaptable - Interoperable with a growing range of technology environments and form factors including NFC smartphones via Seos.
  • Standardized communications (OSDP) -Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure, bidirectional communication.
  • Streamlined Migration - Simultaneous support for 125 kHz HID Prox, Indala, AWID and EM4102 for seamless migration; field programmable for secure upgrades.

multiCLASS SE readers support the ever-expanding universe of multiple credential technologies, including 125 kHz HID Prox, Indala, AWID and EM4102, for seamless migration and are field programmable for secure upgrades and extended lifecycle. The readers also support Near Field communication (NFC) card emulation for migration to HID access control on mobile devices while delivering enhanced functionality for future applications.

With a focus on sustainability, multiCLASS SE readers include intelligent power management that reduces reader power consumption by as much as 75%. The readers are also built using recycled content, which contributes toward building LEED credits.

All Products are NEW, factory sealed and come with the FULL manufacturer's warranty (unless otherwise specified).

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HID multiCLASS SE RP10 Readers Picture

  • Supports HID Prox, Indala, AWID and EM410
  • Allows for mobile device support
  • Smallest reader size available (mini-mullion)

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HID multiCLASS SE RP15 Readers Picture

  • Supports iCLASS SE, DESFire EVI, MIFARE
  • Standard mullion-sized
  • Supports multiple 125 kHz Prox protocols

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HID multiCLASS SE RP30 Readers Picture

  • Supports iCLASS, Prox, EM4102
  • Option of OSDP with SCP, secured with EAL5+, for enhanced security
  • 83.8 millimeter square size

HID multiCLASS SE RP40 Readers Picture

  • Includes support for Indala, HID Prox, EM4102, and AWID at 125 kHz
  • Exceptionally secure due to multi-layer security solutions
  • Multiple panel connection options for ease of installation

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HID multiCLASS SE RPK40 Readers Picture

  • 4x3 tamper-proof keypad
  • Supports both 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz cards
  • Can be used in America, Europe and Asia

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