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HID multiCLASS RMK40 Readers

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The HID RMK40 is part of HID multiCLASS reader range, a range which is designed to allow for the easy upgrade from older magstripe setups to contactless 13.56 MHz installations. This upgrade allows for better security, multiple applications on one smart card, and increased lifespan, as cards are not required to physically scrape along a reader day in and day out.

There are essentially four readers in the multiCLASS range, each offering similar capabilities. The RMK40 in particular includes a magnetic stripe reader and a keypad, but does not support 125 kHz Prox. There are again two options to choose from in the RMK40 alone the RMK40 6230C supports Wiegand, and the RMK40 6238C supports Clock-and-Data. You can easily setup the system to use a combination of authentication steps.

One of the unique features of the GSA-approved multiCLASS range is that it comes with a removable vertical magstripe panel. Once your entire operation has upgrades to 13.56 iCLASS smart cards, which offer a much higher level of security and much more versatility, you can remove the magstripe and replace it with the more secure standard mounting plate that comes with the RMK40. At only 9.7 oz. and easily mounted, the multiCLASS reader fits in well in any building.

If you are looking for an upgrade path from a legacy magstripe setup, and your application requires a keypad, then the RMK40 multiCLASS reader is the best option. Should you also require 125 kHz HID Prox capabilities, consider the RMPK40 instead.