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HID 390 391 iCLASS SE HF Cards

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Introducing the HID 391 iCLASS SE Plus HF Cards - the perfect solution for secure identification and access control. These dual high-frequency (HF) smartcards combine advanced technology with enhanced security features, ensuring the utmost protection for your organization.

With iCLASS SE Plus technology, these cards provide secure and reliable access control, allowing only authorized individuals to enter restricted areas. They support multiple applications and can be seamlessly integrated into existing access control systems, making it easy to upgrade your security measures.

The HID 391 iCLASS SE Plus HF Cards offer a versatile and convenient solution for identification. Their dual-interface capability enables them to work with both contact and contactless systems, providing flexibility for various card reader technologies. The cards are also highly durable, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.

These cards feature advanced security features, including mutual authentication, data encryption, and tamper-proof technology. They are designed to protect against unauthorized access and cloning, providing peace of mind for your organization's sensitive information and assets.

Overall, the HID 391 iCLASS SE Plus HF Cards are an essential tool for organizations seeking to enhance their access control and identification systems. With their advanced technology, versatility, and robust security features, these cards offer a reliable and secure solution for various industries and environments.

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HID 391 iCLASS SE Combo Cards (P/N 3910PMG1MNN)
List Price: $10.74
Your Price: $7.52
You save $3.22!
HID 391 iCLASS SE Combo Cards, 2K Bits (256 Bytes) with 2 Application Areas, iCLASS Encoded with SIO (Security Identity Object) and 2nd Technology Unencoded, MIFARE Classic 1K Bytes, Plain White with Gloss Finish Front and Plain White with Gloss Finish with Magnetic Stripe Back, iCLASS Card Numbering: Sequential Matching Encoded/Printed Card Numbering (Inkjetted); 13.56 MHz Card Numbering: No Printed Card Numbering, No Slot Punch. NON-RETURNABLE. (M240404)