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HID Readers

HID Readers

HID readers are able to read all of the HID card technologies. HID readers can only read cards/credentials that they are programmed to, unless they are multi-technology readers, they will then be able to read more than one technology. There are many different HID proximity readers and technologies, which include the following:.

HID iCLASS Contactless Card  Readers

HID iCLASS contactless readers are able to read iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards. Applications that HID iCLASS smart cards can be found in are cashless vending, PC log on, biometric authentication, and more. HID iCLASS contactless readers come in different shapes and sizes, with or without keypads, and are great for both indoor and outdoor environments.

HID Proximity Readers

HID proximity readers are compatible with and able to read 125 kHz HID proximity cards. Different HID proximity readers have different read ranges and the power consumption of them are generally low. There are also a variety of mounting options, such as mullion and an electrical box. Some HID proximity readers are even IP55 rated against dust, dirt, and non-corrosive liquids.

HID FlexSmart MIFARE/DESFire Readers

The HID FlexSmart MIFARE readers and HID FlexSmart DESFire readers are able to easily be implemented into your MIFARE or DESFire applications. Some applications that HID FlexSmart MIFARE/DESFire readers can be found in include access control (biometric and contactless), public transportation, toll roads, and many more.

HID multiCLASS Readers

The HID multiCLASS readers (multi-technology) are able to read multiple types of cards without having to change over the whole access control system and the user cards. Transitions from one card technology to another are made much easier with HID multiCLASS readers within one building or across multiple buildings. Security is also kept with the HID multiCLASS readers, as well as the ease of proximity, the power of smart cards, and a great access control system.

HID EDGE Readers

HID Edge readers are single-door IP-based access control, stand-alone solutions that are very cost-effective. They are a true IP solution that works with open architecture and IP-centric environments. With remote management through a web browser, HID Edge readers have never been easy to use for access control. Integrating an iCLASS or MultiCLASS reader is very easy with HID Edge readers. Converting to a host is really quick and easy with the HID Edge readers. A single CAT-5 cable can run the door, separate power supplies and multi-door controllers aren't required anymore.


HID OMNIKEY readers are made to support iCLASS on the Desktop. For organizations that are looking to have access control to their computer systems, the HID OMNIKEY readers are part of creating that solution. The HID OMNIKEY readers are connected to a desktop or laptop computer via USB. If a USB connection is not desired for the HID OMNIKEY readers, another option connection is a PCMCIA. The HID OMNIKEY readers are also designed to work with naviGO, which is a cost-effective solution that has strong authentication when it comes to computer access control using iCLASS cards.

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HID Edge Readers Picture

HID Edge readers are single-door IP-based access control, stand-alone solutions that are very cost-effective

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HID iCLASS Readers Picture

HID iCLASS readers and programmers provide a secure and more powerful level of access control

HID iCLASS SE Readers Picture

Ideal for new and existing iCLASS installations to provide advanced security and performance

HID Indala Proximity Readers Picture

he HID Indala proximity readers use FlexSecur technology to screen out unauthorized cards prior to sending the card data to the host system

HID multiCLASS SE Smart Card Readers Picture

multiCLASS, smart card readers, secure access control, secure identity object, HID Global, HID Prox, Indala, AWID, EM4102, 125 kHz

HID OMNIKEY Readers Picture

HID OMNIKEY readers are made to support iCLASS on the Desktop via a USB connection

HID OSDP Readers Picture

The Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) provides an open and bi-directional communication link to HID iCLASS readers

HID pivCLASS Readers Picture

The quality and features of pivCLASS readers offer superior value in securing facilities and ensuring organizations are FIPS 201 compliant

HID Proximity Readers Picture

HID proximity readers are compatible with and able to read 125 kHz HID proximity cards

HID SmartID MIFARE/DESFire Readers/Writers Picture

HID SmartID MIFARE/DESFire readers focus on ISO 14443A MIFARE/DESFire full sector read/write