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Evolis Zenius Card Stock

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Genuine Evolis Card Stock for the Zenius ID Card Printer from an Authorized Evolis Reseller.

When selecting plastic cards for your printer, you should consider three factors: Card Material, Card Size and Card Features

Card Material

  • PVC: these cards made with 100% PVC material and are suitable for use with dye-sublimation or direct-to-card ID card printers. They are lower-priced than "composite" cards and typically last about two years.
  • Composite Cards (aka PVC/PET Cards): these cards are a combination of PVC and PET (Polyester) material (often 70% PVC and 30% PET) and are stronger than standard PVC Cards. They are able to withstand higher heat without warping which is why we recommend them when re-transfer printing or laminating cards. These cards are also more durable than standard PVC cards and have a longer lifespan so they are also recommended for use with magnetic stripe cards.

Card Size

  • CR-79: these cards are typically used with direct-to-card printers for proximity and technology ID cards. The dimensions of these cards are 3.303 x 2.051 or 83.9mm x 51mm and are relatively common.
  • CR-80: these "credit card-sized" and are the most common size of plastic card. The dimensions of these cards are 3.375 x 2.125 or 85.6mm x 54mm.
  • CR-90: these drivers license size and are slightly larger than CR-80 cards. These cards are not very common and only a few card printer models are capable of printing to them. The dimensions of these cards are 3.63 x 2.37 or 92 mm x 60mm.
  • CR-100: these "government, military, or oversize" cards are being less-frequently used and like CR-90 cards, are only supported by a few card printer models. The dimensions of these cards are 3.88 x 2.63 or 98.5mm x 67mm.

Card Features

  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Smart Card
  • Colors

As an Authorized Evolis Reseller, we only advertise MSRP (List Price) on Evolis Zenius Card Stock as part of their MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy. To get the actual price of an item, please call one of our product specialists at (714)922-1140.