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HID Indala Legacy ASR-503 Readers

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The ASR-503 SlimLine is one of HID's well-known line of flexible, secure, sturdy Indala proximity card readers. It has a read range of up to ten centimeters (four inches) and is made to fit on the metal frame of a door (also called a mullion). It can also be mounted on any other flat surface and is a ideal choice for areas that have only a small space to mount a card reader.

These legacy Indala readers are fully equipped with all of the advanced performance features users have come to expect from Indala, including a tri-color status LED, audio tone, installation assistance provided by SelfTest, high-security user feedback provided by WatchDog and immediate user feedback provided by QuickFlash. Users can configure their feature options via feature option cards.

It is possible to configure the ASR-503 SlimLine Mullion Reader to output data using either magnetic stripe format or Wiegand format. This makes it easy to upgrade sites that already have proximity wiring in place.

The ASR-503 SlimLine Mullion Reader is flexible in that it operates on power supplies varying from four to six VDC. It is usually possible to power the unit directly from its access control panel making installation simple. The unit is both weather resistant and vandal resistant in that its electronic components are sealed in an epoxy potting material that is UL approved. Furthermore, the unit is protected by FlexSecur technology which keeps card information secure and provides responsive customer care.

All of these fine features make the Legacy Mullion Reader the perfect choice for users in need of a small, secure unit that is easy to install and use.