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HID FlexSmart 1455 DESFire Tags

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The DESFire Adhesive Tag 1455, innovative in its design and both convenient and cost effective, allows you to turn any non-metallic surface into a credential that can be used in a wide range of applications such as on school campuses, in public transportation, corporate situations, customer loyalty cards, cashless vending, and in other access control situations.

The 1455 operates at a range of up to 2 inches. This circular disk is only 0.18 centimeters thick, 3.26 centimeters in diameter and weighs about 1.2 grams. It is self-adhesive, and can be effortlessly attached to any device that has a non-metallic surface, such as a smartphone, tablet, or any similar device, to instantly turn it into a contactless smart credential.

DESFire offers a dynamic memory structure that can support up to 28 separate applications concurrently on the same card. With 4 Kilobytes of EEPROM dynamic memory available, data is stored and encrypted with the 3DES data encryption standard algorithm, so you can rest assured the data is safe during all phases of a transaction. DESFire also supports mutual authentication and unique 56-bit serial numbers.

Transactions are completed in less than 100 milliseconds, and the tag has a minimum write endurance of 100,000 writes. Despite its small size, custom graphics can be printed on the 1455 for increased security or professionalism.

One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to introduce DESFire contactless smart technology to an enterprise, the 1455 is the smart choice for many businesses.